So how does the New York Wine Travel Card work?
Simply show the New York Wine Travel Card at any one of our participating member wineries/destinations to receive the stated discount. New! Use our wine app as your digital card! Copies/printouts of the card, or your transaction receipt are NOT valid card forms – only the physical or digital card itself are valid.
Do I need to show a physical card?
Yes! You need to show the actual card to receive your discounts. Please allow 3-5 days mail time to receive your card . We mail out your orders the very same day as ordered. 

At present time there is no digital card version. Copies/printouts of the card, or your transaction receipt are NOT valid card forms – only the physical card itself is valid.

When does my card expire?

All 2018 New York Wine Travel Card expires on 12.31.19. So use your card early and often to maximize savings!

What are the numbers on the back of the card for?
The numbers on the back of the card each represent a different wine/travel destination within the 2018 New York Wine Travel Card. Please refer to the Destination Listing Sheet for the individual destinations.
What is the group card usage policy?

Each destination determines their individual group usage policy. Please be courteous and have at a minimum one card per buying unit. A per person offer must be accompanied by one card per person that wishes to take advantage of the stated discount offer.

How many times can I use my card at any given destination?
Each destination determines their card usage policy, please inquire at the destination as to a one-time or multiple use policy. If the destination does not mark off their given card number, feel free to visit them again with your card.
How many cards should I purchase for a couple/group?
That depends on the destination offer types. For instance, if a destinations offer is a flat % off purchase, then you could combine purchases to take advantage of the destination discount. However, if a destinations offer is per person; as in a free tasting for 1, then you will need one card per person to take advantage of the free tasting for each person in your group. To be safe, one card per person maybe the best route to maximize your savings.
I can't find my card, now what?
Unfortunately there is no replacement of lost/stolen/damaged cards.
I lost my destination sheet, where can I get another one?
You can easily download and print another copy of the destination listing sheet here.
Do you have a wine app?

Yes! To help guide you along your wine journey, we recommend using our FREE ‘NY Wine Journey’ app. Available for iPhone or Droid. Download  it here.


My card hasn't arrived yet, what do I do?

Not to worry! Contact us within 15 days of order and we will make every attempt to get a new card to you.

Return/Exchange Policy?

Due to the nature of the wine card, all sales are final.  We do run sales promotions, as such all prior sales are excluded. We will however as a courtesy  (if so desired) make up any pricing difference in complimentary equivalent Wine Travel Cards. In addition, all cards expire on Dec 31st for the card year purchased regardless of card usage.


Finger Lakes Country BarnPlease keep in mind that wineries will not over serve anyone who appears intoxicated. It is the discretion of the winery to serve you (or not) at time of card usage. Please be safe, courteous and respectful of the winery in which you are visiting.

If you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to use the ‘Connect With Us’ page.

We hope you enjoy using your wine cards!